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Exciting trekking tours along the most picturesque natural places of kyrgyzstan are ahead of you. If the feeling of freedom and romance experienced during roaming in unknown places appeals you, if you like enjoying the nature far from the civilization and you are not afraid of long walking passages and overnights in tents, then a trekking tour can be an excellent choice for travelling.


Damir Alymbek Uulu

Founder "Kyrgyz Twins Adventures" & "Kyrgyzstan4All" Project

Your Private Tour Expert, I specialize in developing and managing unique tours that are tailored to the specific wishes and preferences of my guests. My passion for adventure and exploration has led me to develop the "Kyrgyzstan for all" project, which offers inclusive and accessible tours of our beautiful country. I have a particular love for trekking and horse riding, as well as singing, which is a great way to connect with the local culture. I have traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, Georgia, and the countries of Central Asia.